Theux La Marotte : permis granted

PU 02On the 18th of november, the urban planing permit has been granted for the construction of the "syndicat d'initiatives" of Theux, La Marotte.

Published on 11 December 2013

Pré-Aily : the deforestation has begun

La deforestation phase has begun for the Pré-Aily.
It should last from 18th of November to 18th of december.
Published on 10 December 2013

Chênée : the roof is back in place

An important step was made this 28th of November in the process of the police station renovation : the dome and bell are now back in place.
See the article from RTC.
Published on 03 December 2013

H2O project in the press

The newspaper "Le Jour Verviers" made his 13th november 2013 cover with the H20 project named : "Verviers : 34 logements passifs rue de la Cité, à l'ex-Solvent belge."
Find the article here
Published on 27 November 2013

Planning permit granted for Neufchâteau

On the 6th of November, the planning permit was granted for the Neufchâteau new sports center.
Construction is to begin in 2014
Published on 26 November 2013

feasibility study ordered

Our bureau has began the feasibility study for the renovation of the Tours des Finances site in Namur, ordered by AG Real Estate.
Published on 29 October 2013

AUPa supports sports

This year again, AUPa supports the Verviers-Pépinster Basket club.
Maybe will you be lucky enough to come cheer on the Pépins with us !
Published on 22 October 2013

The sprimont municipality revises its town planning regulations with AUPa

The urban planning and architecture experts at AUPa were chosen by the Sprimont municipality in the context of the revision of is town planning regulations.
AUPa is accredited for this kind of mission and will share its 30 years experience with the sprimontois.
Published on 14 October 2013

Aupa chosen by La Joie Du Foyer

AUPa has just been chosen to improve a transition neighbourhood.
Our mission will be, among other things, to improve and create social housings and public spaces in Namur.

Published on 08 October 2013

First steps for the Wiesenbach case at Sankt Vith

news2On this 23rd of September, Sankt Vith municipal council approved the municipal green spaces landscaping project draft for the leisure zone of Wiesenbach.
That decision is a first step in the implementation of this zone which combines respect for the environment and landscape as well as development of quality tourist accomodations.

Published on 07 October 2013

AUPa's landscape architects called for the development of the former mining site of Plombières

The municipality of Plombières chose AUPa to carry out a public green spaces landscaping plan  in the  context of a Walloon Region subsidy.
The project will allow to improve the tourist facilities and will bring walking, leisure and relaxation spaces  to the users of this place.

Published on 01 October 2013
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