Our missions

Beyond AUPA's broad range of competence, for each mission (be it landscaping, architecture or urban planning), we also propose a customised service to our clients.
Thus, we can fulfil missions entailing a series of tasks:
Feasibility studies.
Compiling data on the existing de facto or de jure situation.
Assessing needs and analysing their evolution.
Planning :
for architecture projects: structural outline, planning certificate, preliminary draft, draft plan, building permit, works plan, as-built plans.
for urban and spatial planning: guidelines, municipal plan, regional plan, regulation, impact study.
Drafting the requirements and special technical specifications.
Drafting and verifying the measurements.
Call for tender and analysis of the bids.
Collaboration in awarding the works contracts.
Managing and monitoring the works.
Checking the reports – approving invoices.



compiling data on the existing de facto or de jure situation

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